Tips to listen to your users

We live in a globalized world, shaken by the day to day where everything has to be instant and patience was at the end of the list of priorities.

That is why many entrepreneurs and companies feel the need to create marketing strategies that they hope will be the great leverage to attract clients (in this article we are going to call "users" clients  and “companies” to business and entrepreneurs).

The vast majority of the time these companies do not realize a very powerful tool at their fingertips:

"Actively listen to the users of the product or service"

It is true that those who have a digital product have many tools to monitor the behavior of their users, such as google analytics, but are they really understanding that data? Are they really listening to users? are they answering three simple questions like:

1 - what needs to be changed to improve?

2 - What do users like best of our product or service? 

3 - What do users dislike of our product or service?

If there are more questions it is better, but these are not so simple anymore, and maybe they would bother the user a little. Because users are also in a hurry and do not have time to answer questions. But here are some tips to listen to users:

👉 Create questions on social media 

This technique is the simplest, but companies do not carry it out! (We assume that you have social networks accounts).

If there were no posts in a while, then the questions won't work because users need value first, and then more value, and then they can answer.

So the steps would be:

- Generate valuable content

- Generate valuable content

- Generate valuable content

- Ask the question :)

A detail not less important, is that users can also generate questions, it is possible that this is the objective after all, and it is extremely important that the questions asked by users are answered, it means it is necessary to be attentive to the networks social.

👉 Create questions within your business

In the previous point, it is possible that the people who read and answer the questions are not users (that is, they are not customers) they are only followers of the account in social networks. So the best way to get to know the users is to ask those questions directly who are the company's customers.

In order to achieve this, the scheme is similar to the previous point, but a little more difficult since for those users, the value generated is the service or product that the company offers. For example, if the company offers a digital service, the value is already the service users use every day. There may be some details they can consider as value, such as an email or a notification received, but the main value is the product or service.

So, it is recommended here:

- offer something really valuable, for example a discount or an additional service, this will catch the user's attention,

- try to make a closer communication with the users who accept the value, it can be an email, or if possible, a phone call,

- ask questions to these users.

It is very important that users understand that questions must have an honest answer, since the idea is to improve and know their true opinion. In some cases it is necessary that the survey be anonymous.

If the company is not digital, that is, it is a company with a physical store, such as a clothing store, then the steps are similar, but the value offer changes, in this case it could turn out that those users who answer the questions , can participate in a raffle for a clothing voucher.

The main idea is to be resourceful to identify something that can generate value, draw the user's attention, and then ask the question to find out the opinion of our users, and then be able to improve.

👉 Use digital tools

Both digital and physical companies can use digital tools that allow users to know their opinion.

When we talk about digital tools we mean:

- mobile applications or websites that allow users to be more loyal to the company (they obtain value and give their opinion),

- digital surveys

These tools can be products already created for this purpose or customized systems, which are perfectly adapted to the company and the types of users. Additionally, these tools generally have a cost, but when analyzing the cost and benefits they generate, it is very likely that the conclusion indicates that it is worth investing.

After sharing these 3 points, we invite you to answer:

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