Do I really need a mobile app?

Many tech companies will talk to you about "why should you create a mobile app?" and they will try to convince you must create one, and of course, hire them. However, the first thing to keep in mind when creating a mobile application is to know if you really need a mobile application.

Unbelievably we get a lot of queries and requests to build apps that really shouldn't be created. In other words, customers want to do something that could easily be a website, or worse, they already have a website and want to replicate the website in a mobile application, literally all the same functionalities, and never wonder why ? (I am not going to deny that a mobile application increases the visibility of a brand or startup, however you must be sure that the investment makes sense). 

So, this is a good question, how do you know if you really need a mobile app? 

Check these tips:

Tip 1 - Be sure the problem you are trying to solve will be solved in a cell phone

Hey, this seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? However, sometimes people do not consider that what they are trying to solve is difficult to see on the phone screen, even though the screens are large today.

For example, have you ever tried to view a spreadsheet on your phone? well, it is a little complex to see the whole scenario, and if the problem to be solved needs to have a more generic vision, perhaps the phone is not the one indicated (perhaps a tablet may be better, or simply a website).

Tip 2 - Find functionalities that just cell phone can offer

There are many functionalities that exist natively on a phone, for example the accelerometer, the camera, the possibility of working with data that is not on the internet, bluetooth, among many others.

So, here I recommend that you make a list of some functionalities that are only on the phone, and not on a website for example (although today a web app is very complete).

Don't worry if you don't get too many features, one is enough.

Tip 3 - Think cold and ask yourself, would I download this APP?

Well, this part is complicated, because many times we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves, and we try to deceive ourselves unconsciously in order to stay positive.

But we have to think cold and answer if we would really download the app that we want to create, but the most important questions are if we would use it and if we would keep it installed.

Despite the fact that the phones have a lot of space, the users are cruel and tend to eliminate the applications that they do not use.

Very Important

In the case of a company, in general, a mobile application is a good complement to existing systems, that is, the mobile application expands the functionality of a system. For example, if you have to report problems in a company with a photo, it is difficult to carry a computer throughout the company and upload a photo, an application could do this very easily. 

In the case of startups, the applications can be of many categories, so it is important to know the audience segment and be sure what you are trying to create does not exist, or if it exists, be willing to do something better or different.

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