Advertising investment, everything points to mobile devices

Although advertising in traditional media continues to be the channel that receives the most investment, the upward trend is advertising on mobile devices.

According to the data published in the Pymes Magazine (August 2017 publication), advertising investment over the next four years in Argentina will increase to US $ 2.8 million, taking into consideration the three most important advertising channels: Traditional, Digital NO Mobile, and Mobile .

Of the total investment, digital support will carry US $ 1,069 million, where smartphones, tablets and other mobile phones will have the highest increase. It is estimated that by 2020 US $ 17 of each US $ 100 invested in advertising in Argentina, will be for Mobile advertising.

The reason advertisers point to the mobile channel is the significant, and increasing, quantity of users. Consumers use mobile devices to research the internet about companies before buying, to relax, and in some cases, to work.

According to the report presented on the fourth quarter of 2016 of the INDEC, in Argentina 78.9% of the population of 4 years or more has a Cellular Phone.

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